What is record grading?

Record Grading Guide

 We thoroughly clean and rate based on listening experience all of our records. Our grading scale is as follows:


Grade Description
S (Sealed) The record is still sealed and has never been played.
M (Mint) The record is like new, with no visible light scratches or cracks.
EX (Excellent) The record shows minor scuffs or very light scratches.
EX- (Excellent Minus) The record shows visible scuffs and scratches. (Goldmine Grading considers this to be a VG+ rating.)
VG+ (Very Good Plus) The record has some flaws but no needle jumping. There may be some noise.
VG (Very Good) The record has significant issues, such as heat damage, needle jumping, or PVC burn with accompanying noise.

Important Information

We strive to rate based on listening experience, but we're only human. If we miss something, please feel free to reach out.